Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Concerning the Rank 9 Spells

Well it is that time of year and we are getting close to what exactly the next world is going to be. We're not sure exactly what it is yet but we should find out some details soon. Along with this new world will come new spells, the rank 9 spells to be exact. Now even though I'm the oracle of Death, it would be next to impossible to predict the next world due to the endless possibilities of endless themes. But there are rumors of candyland, the world of the gobblers, being the next world but I somehow doubt that's not going to be it. But I can predict some of the spells that will come with the next world. I'm assuming due to the trending pattern, you will get these spells at level 68. My first spell prediction was one of the first I could think of. This spell is from the school I call my own, the death school. I was thinking that there are not too much more undead that Kingsisle could pull out to use for the death school i was thinking the Rank 9 spell for the death school would be a Death Worm:

Something like this but along the lines of the black and silver coloring. It would drain 1,000 health from its single target and steal not 1, not 2, but 3 blades. And my next spell prediction is the only other one I've been able to come up with so far. This one is for the Myth school. This next spell will be an AOE, and will deal 900 damage to all foes. As an additional effect, it will leave a +30% trap on all it's targets. The Rank 9 myth spell I predict will be...

The Nemean Lion. It's one of the only Myth creatures that hasnt been used yet so i figured it would be this. Well, that's all I have and until next time, see you.

                                                                                         - The Oracle of Death

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